International students (new)

Highlands Intermediate School welcomes International Students from aroundthe world. Our school has a well established team with years of experience insupporting and providing pastoral care for International Students.

What we offer

Highlands Intermediate school offers your child:

  • English lessons with New Zealand teachers and students
  • High academic expectation and goals
  • Strong focus on literacy and mathematics
  • Active learning through independent thinking and research
  • Focus on oral pronunciation and communication
  • Assistance with the English language
  • Friendly students and teachers
  • Great Kiwi friends
  • New experiences in practical creative technology,sport,music,visual artsand outdoor education
  • A wonderful safe and beautiful environment.
  • The opportunity to live in a New Zealand homestay and speak Englishwith a kiwi family.
  • The opportunity to visit and experience other parts of New Zealand.

Any further enquiries please contact:

Mrs Kathryn Hooper, International Student Coordinator at