Student/Teacher Quotes

Kia Ora and Konnichiwa, my name is Kaito Arata. I come from Japan.

Highlands Intermediate School is the best school in the world. All of students and teachers are cheerful and powerful. Moreover, they are also kind. In the school, I had wonderful experiences I could never do in Japan.

I only have one week I can teach, I will do my best to make students enjoy Japanese culture.



HELLO,KIA ORA,你好。My name is XIAO DI. I come from northwest of China, and I am one of 150 MLA’s who have come to New Zealand for 2018。This year is the first year that New Plymouth has an MLA, and I teach Mandarin at Highlands Intermediate School and Oakura School.

Not only has New Plymouth Mount Taranaki, but also has the beautiful sea. I tried my first surfing here, swimming in the sea, and drank a mouthful of seawater. Homestay’s life is colourful, and everyone has warmly welcomed me from China. I think 2018 is a very lucky year for me.