About Us

Highlands Intermediate is located in New Plymouth adjacent to Pukekura Park, Taranaki, and close to the city centre.

It is set in large grounds with established trees, gardens and playing fields. Highlands Intermediate School is a large, co-educational, urban middle school specifically designed and staffed to provide a learning environment best suited to the 11 to 13 year old. It is set in large grounds with established trees, gardens and playing fields. 

Features of our school include:

  • Classes devoted to specific year groups. (Year 7 and 8).
  • Classes carefully selected to ensure balance of gender, ethnicity and academic achievement.
  • Programmes design and specialist staffing assist in extending students in a wide and varied curriculum.
  • Specialist staffing provision for students of special needs.
  • Student talents identified and catered for through specialised learning modules conducted away from the usual classroom environment.
  • Modules for academically able students.
  • Student performance measured against carefully selected learning outcomes that suit the individual.
  • Students encouraged to set their own goals and are given help to identify and achieve them under conducive learning conditions with encouragement to “Have a go”.
  • Teaching teams who care for the welfare of each and every student.
  • Effective school-wide systems that promote student responsibility.
  • Zero tolerance for student bullying and intimidating behaviour.
  • Provisions and enrollments for International Students.

We place emphasis on:

  • Educating the whole child, intellectually, physically, socially and culturally.
  • The recognition of the characteristics, interests and needs of the age group and a commitment to developing programmes which cater for all three.
  • Providing an environment of trust and respect for students, creating a climate for personal growth and intellectual development.
  • Pupils learning to think critically, gaining mastery of an appropriate body of knowledge, leading a healthy life, behaving in an acceptable manner and exercising responsibility for their own learning